Hi! I'm Zumaad.

I'm currently a fourth year CS student at NEU

Work Experience

Software Engineer co op | July 2020 - December 2020

    • Member of the Content Platform team responsible for rendering and serving HubSpot’s customer CMS content, receiving billions of monthly views
    • Improving cache invalidation by detecting changes in the content dependency graph and purging all affected content
    • Optimizing CMS content delivery performance by prerendering and caching static content to prevent redundant rendering
    • Decoupling micro-service architecture by eliminating software dependencies and migrating service communication to REST APIs
    • Utilized: Java, Dropwizard

Software Engineer co op | July 2019 - December 2019

    • Worked on the cybersecurity team responsible for analyzing and handling billions of events a day across TripAdvisor internal and external network infrastructure
    • Migrated production cybersecurity pipeline handling 40k events/sec from RabbitMQ to Kafka and built a library to abstract pipeline interactions
    • Increased pipeline throughput by 25% by creating a library that offered optimizations such as asynchronous message processing for consumers, thread based parallelism, and a task queue system
    • Developed an automated response system for security alerts responsible for resolving or escalating security issues
    • Built notification service that aggregated all in-house messaging services
    • Developed interactive graph-based UI to help other business units investigate which emails failed security validation.
    • Utilized: Python, Kafka, Kubernetes, Postgres, Flask, Docker, Logstash, Angular

My Projects!

Some of the stuff i've worked on in my free time.

Flipping Utilities - helping 20k users with arbitrage on a virtual commodity market (Core contributor and maintainer)

Terminal Messenger - chat with friends from your terminal!


NEU gym navigator

pyrver - async Python http server built from scratch with a homemade event loop

da_loop - Python event loop enabling asynchronous IO using generators and the select system call


Raspberry pi sonar and camera bot

Predictive Keyboard using RNNs

Virtual Commodity Investor

About Me

My Resume

I'm currently a third year CS student at NEU. I like building things (currently working on making a terminal based messaging platform with my friend and I'm also making a pure python web server with features such as load balancing, serving static files, etc). Most of these projects are just to learn more new tech/concepts, get better at programming, and have fun :) I'm also an avid MMA fan and enjoy weightlifting.


-> khanzumaad@gmail.com